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4x4Trails is a place where offroad enthusiasts like you can find local trails, local parks, local stores that have a focus on the 4×4 market, and local mechanics that specialize in modified Jeeps, trucks, and SUV’s. Then come back and rate your experience to help others find great places to do business and build relationships with amazing business owners.

Find what you want

Find places closer to home that you may not have known about.Better yet plan a cross country trip and find places to go or who to call if you run into trouble.

Reviews save time

Taking just a few minutes out of your day to write a review may save someone else days/weeks of headaches. We are a tight community and we should share our collective information.

Explore Everything

Did you find a LEGAL wheeling trail that’s not here? Send us the info. Did the next Mel Wade just open a shop in your town? Send us the info. The more you explore and find and send us the more this database grows.

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The goal is to have this content always moving so the site is always growing… These are the newest places to check out

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Our Goals

Knowledge is power, and if we can all share our knowledge we can ensure that great companies keep prospering and bad companies fail. We can help others realize that illegal wheeling hurts us all and that helping the offroad community can ensure that the trails and places we love will be here for our children.

We encourage anyone that uses this site to:

Wheel Legally:

That’s right, if you don’t have permission to be there, turn around and leave. We live in New England and we have lost some great offroad spots due to others wheeling illegally. It doesn’t matter if it is private property of government property, if you are not supposed to be there, you are not supposed to be there. And doing it anyway doesn’t make you a rebel, it makes you a jack-ass. Many land-owners own large parcels all over, and if you dig up part of their property that you are not supposed to be on, they can shut off ALL their properties. Clubs and organizations work really hard to find new land and fight for land-use rights for the community and all you need to do to take advantage of that is wheel responsibly and cough up less than $100 for dues, that’s cheaper than one ticket if you get caught wheeling illegally. Every property here is vetted and will only get listed when permission from the owner allows it, if you see that there is a property here that is not opened to the public please report it so it can be taken care of immediately.

Be Respectful:

Always be respectful whether it is on the trails or online, this should go without saying. Have you ever heard of Tread Lightly? If not you should probably head over there and take a look. We need to leave the trails and parks cleaner then how we found them. And as for online, if a review on this site is slander, we will delete it. You can get your point across without over reacting.

Be Honest:

The fact that I need to write this saddens me. Do not write fake reviews! If a business messages us saying that a review is fake, we will investigate. And if the review can not be proven to be real (receipt ect..) it will be removed. This site is intended for honest feedback, not for ex-employees with a grudge.

Encourage Others:

Be that guy/girl. The one who promotes legal wheeling and great local businesses. The one who embodies a positive attitude and passion for our sport. Help the guy who broke down on the trail, show the newbie where to start, and never talk down to someone for asking a question, we all started somewhere too.